Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Like it Hot

 By Russian artist Boris KustodievRussian Venus (armed with birch twigs)

Since the hubs is on prep and I'm off season, "date night" has changed from romantic dinners and drinks out to finding other ways to enjoy time together outside of the house and away from the kids.  If you know anything about us, you know that's more our style anyway.

Some of our dates have included zip-lining, trapeze classes and indoor rock climbing. Last month we checked out "Generation Iron", which was quite inspiring. This month we decided to do something totally different and relaxing.  We put on pj's, grabbed some toiletries and headed to King Spa in Palisades Park, NJ.

King Spa is a Korean Spa House which features various hot and cold spas, saunas, relaxation rooms, lounges, restaurants and hot and cold baths. You can also get deep tissue massages and body scrubs.

Mineral Salt Sauna at King Spa

Though this was our first time at King Spa, Ru and I have experienced bath houses before. Our first was Wall Street bath house in NYC (aka Spa 88).  I also ventured to the Russian bath house in NYC with my bestie last summer. 

All three offer a different vibe and may not be for everyone but if you're up for an adventure, you may find a new way to treat your body and your mind that you may never have imagined. 

Our first, The Wall Street Bath House was recommended to us by a friend of mine who lives in the city. It felt a little seedy in comparison to the other two but being with Ru in a little hole underground with no one else we knew, a little seediness added to the adventure.  ;-)

Sauna in Spa 88
We were given a lock and a safe box for our valuables. We wore swimwear and enjoyed the various saunas and baths. There was one room that I was quite fond of. It was extremely hot and made of rocks.  It seemed as though it was as old as the city itself... loads of character. 

The Russian Bath house had a younger, hipper clientele and I felt very comfortable hanging with my girlie amongst all the strangers. We got massages and some sort of exfoliating scrub. It was awesome!  I remember leaving there feeling like a new woman... Cleansed and refreshed. 

Russian Bath House

When Ru suggested we hit King Spa for the night, with all the intense training I've indulged in as of late, I couldn't wait! When we arrived, initially I was disappointed, as you have a set uniform to wear in common areas, which is given to you when you enter, along with a bath towel. (I put my hair in knots and picked out a cute swimsuit for the occasion.  Oh well... at least the uniform was pink). 

Common areas (for both sexes) included the lounges, restaurant and some saunas. The baths, showers and steam rooms were separated. In those areas, most walk around completely nude. Hey! If you've ever competed and gotten spray tanned in a room full of pods with other nudies, you're not shy. The only difference is the shape of the bodies and lack of color. 

Baths in Women's Area

Ru and I met in a lounge area after showering and changing into our uniforms. We hit a couple of saunas for some sweet sweat before finding a nice quiet area to just chill. We got to talk and connect without the noise of our outside lives. It was reviving and refreshing on so many levels. 

Restaurant/ Lounge area at King Spa

We gave each other a mud mask and I ordered a seafood soup which I ate while Ru caught a bit of the Tigers and Red Sox game. Yes, you can let a little of the outside in. But after my soup, it was back to us.  We rinsed our faces and sweated it out some more. 

King Spa

Ru and I stayed for about 4 hours.  If we didn't have to worry about the sitter,  we could have easily stayed longer.  Before heading home we spent some alone time in the separate bath rooms. I absolutely love soaking in a hot tub and then dunking in a cold pool. 

I don't think there are proven medical benefits of saunas other than relaxation and sweating out toxins but if you have never gone to one, definitely add it to your bucket list!  Before going, just make sure you are heart healthy and NOT intoxicated or on any medication.  I like having green juices, teas and soups before and after. The combination just seems to do wonders for your mind, body & spirit.  Doing it with your love is a great way to bond.

Basic visits will cost you about $30-$40 per person though you can find Groupons for half off and other possible discounts online.  Most spas are open 24 hours and you can stay as long as you want.  I, for one, am looking forward to our next visit. <3 

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  1. My Bestie & I had plans to go to King spa at the end of this month 3/14. Thanks for the review!